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The Group operates two jewellery store chains, GIVEN and GRENARDI, several private jewellery product brands and cooperates with jewellery maintanance service GOLDWORK JUVELIERI

Two worlds of
Grenardi Group

Grenardi Group operates two jewellery brands with their own distinct philosophies. Dive into sophisticated and luxurious GRENARDI or explore approachable and welcoming GIVEN.

Keeping the shine

Goldworks is a special dedicated brand within Grenardi Group for service and maintenance of the Clients’ jewellery.

Goldworks jewelers with experience of more than 30 years conduct jewellery repair and maintenance, ring and chain resizing and repair, and gemstone fixing, in convenient and qualitative manner. Goldworks also allows GRENARDI and Given clients to sell their gold jewellery at the best price or exchange it for a gift card.

Keeping the shine

GRENARDI personal experiences

In addition to globally known brands, Grenardi Group offers 12 private label brands in different price levels and for various audiences, finding a unique approach to every client.

Rotājies, Latvija! collection, created in collaboration with former President of Latvia Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga, features the sun as a central element symbolizing energy and rebirth. The minimalist designs blend historical elements with contemporary twists and are crafted in both silver and gold. Each sale contributes to a charitable cause: 10 euros from silver pieces and 50 euros from gold pieces are donated to a scholarship program named after Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga, supporting underprivileged students at Latvian universities through the Vītols Foundation. 

Lilly Spring's collections come in a variety of styles – from contemporary and mix-and-match jewellery that allows for countless wearing variations, to very classic jewellery with elegant shapes, stone polishing and a nuanced, sophisticated look. However, the brand's jewellery is united by the same values: the highest quality standards, elegant design and sophisticated shapes. 

Due collection offers tasteful, comfortable and captivating classic designs of diamond earrings, necklaces and rings selected for clients with a wide range of tastes and possibilities. The classic Due diamond collection invites to celebrate the magical moment when two hearts meet. The translucent, innocent glimmering of diamonds is like a promise – through centuries, generations and ongoing change - that the most beautiful story will remain – the story of true love and the willingness to find your better half. 

Spring by Spring embodies a refined jewellery line characterized by subtle designs and original combinations of stones and materials, tailored for contemporary, modern women. The brand incorporates eye-catching elements that enhance and celebrate femininity, making each piece a testament to style and sophistication. 

ZOYE jewellery is designed for women who are open to new inspirations, ready for experiments and challenges. The collection combines jewellery items that perfectly match and complement each other, in a way that allows one to indulge, meld and transform. The asymmetric shapes of the jewellery create a contemporary and up-to-date look that complements any everyday look. 

Nine collection is Nine 9K gold story brand jewellery, which includes both classic and modern style jewellery for everyday use. 

JOY represents jewellery with elegant and feminine collection that has subtle designs and original combinations of stones and materials. It has eye-catching touches that allow femininity to flourish. 

JOY SILVER collection – the timeless elegance of silver blends with the natural sparkle of precious stones. Each piece is masterfully designed to celebrate life's moments and inject a spark of joy into every day. The soul of the collection lies in the vibrant gemstones, rock crystals, moonstone, quartz, garnet, pearl, amethyst and cubic zirconia, carefully selected to bring joy and sparkle to everyone's everyday life. The collection includes earrings, rings, piercings, bracelets and necklaces. 

Silvia collection combines statement earrings, rings with large natural stones, a variety of earring designs and necklaces. The silver jewellery collection Silvia attracts with colours of mid-summer meadow flowers and the glimmer of clear, sparkling water of natural stones and pearls. It represents modest elegance of silver from the original beauty of nature. 

This brand is a selection of gold jewellery to suit all tastes with one’s favourite stone and colour. This selection of jewellery combines natural semi-precious stones from around the world with synthetic-coloured stones. 

The Op-la collection is dedicated to the closest, most precious and dearest people – children. This jewellery is a beautiful and unforgettable gift for every celebration – when visiting a new-born, birthdays, baptism and special moments that we want to capture and remember. The symbol of the Op-la collection is a teddy bear. The collection includes a wide range of stud earrings with English and French clasps in various shapes and designs. Chains and bracelets with comfortable and size-adjustable clasps, as well as pendants and rings. 

Naomi is an exclusive jewellery collection for children crafted in gold and embellished with diamonds and vibrant semiprecious stones. The designs feature motifs such as fairies, butterflies, animals, hearts, flowers, and other symbolic elements, representing a child's individual interests and hobbies. 

Distinguished collection of men's jewellery, a fusion of strength, sophistication, and style crafted from premium materials such as steel, silver, and ceramic. Elevate your personal fashion statement and leave a lasting impression with accessories that embody strength, resilience, and enduring elegance. 

Rotājies, Latvija!

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