Established in the year 2000, GRENARDI has been the leading luxury jewellery retail chain in Latvia and Estonia for more than 20 years. GRENARDI offers an extensive assortment of world-renowned luxury jewellery brands and sophisticated private collections. Currently GRENARDI operates 4 shops in Latvia and 3 shops in Estonia.

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GRENARDI takes pride in exclusive collaborations with world renowned brands, offering the most coveted and iconic pieces to the most discerning customers.


Each jewellery piece from GRENARDI is meticulously crafted with attention to detail and without compromises in the selection process and encapsulates a unique narrative. The brand places high value on the uniqueness of every customer and is committed to providing a seamless, personalized experience.


The brand's daily commitment is to keep jewellery enthusiasts informed about the latest trends and provide insights into the nuanced world of jewellery, where every detail holds significance.


GRENARDI provides access to the most prestigious global jewellery brands, allowing to express love and gratitude in form as elegant as the client's close ones deserve.


The GRENARDI chain stores boast a distinctive interior design characterized by innovation, modernity, and palette of soft tones. Aesthetic pleasure also plays a prominent role, with special care taken in regard to textiles, furniture, and artwork to give the salons a luxurious feel but also a welcoming soul. This new GRENARDI store concept was developed in 2022 and has since been implemented across nearly all stores within its chain.

GRENARDI operates 4 stores in Latvia and 3 stores in Estonia